Proper Business Meeting Etiquette to Incorporate with Everyday Business

Everywhere you go in the world business etiquette for a meeting changes. Even in the United States companies have different policies and procedures around business etiquette during a meeting. With contrasting views on business etiquette in the United States, there are a few common rules that most companies follow. 

1. Be Prepared- Before going into a business meeting it is important to be prepared. This includes having all necessary material for the meeting and reading or learning the information that you will need to know before entering the meeting. Being prepared allows for a more productive and efficient meeting. 

2. Be on time- It is extremely important to be on time. It is better if you are a few minutes early to get your material ready for the meeting but if it is not possible it is very important that you make it to the meeting on time. Being late can very disruptive, cause the meeting to veer off track, and cause you to lose time on all ready very busy schedules. So, it is extremely important that you are early or at least on time for the business meeting. 

3. Staying focused- Business meeting can already be packed full of information so it is very critical that the meeting stays on track. Some ways to do this is by having a facilitator that will keep the discussion to the task at hand and to create an agenda about the topics and the amount of time for each topic. 

4. Breaks– If the business meeting is long it is extremely important to take breaks. The general rule is that for every 2 hours you need a 30 minute break somewhere with in that time frame. This allows for the topic and professionals to stay on task. 

5. Listen- During a business meeting you must listen to what the person speaking has to say. This means you should not be doing other side work, this can include; answering emails, being on your phone, thinking about what you are going to say, and other non meeting related task. It is crucial that you pay attention and listen closely so that you do not missing an important element of the meeting. 

These are a few common etiquette skills for a business meeting. Every company is different and every country has their own procedures for conducting a business meeting so it is very important to do your research before going into your next business meeting.

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