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As we launch our new website and new approach to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve better results, I wanted to take the time to say we’re glad you’re here. I also thought I’d provide a little more detail about who we are, what we do and how we are different.

The Back Story

I’m Dan Sills. My business partner and I are both ex-partners of Big X accounting and consulting firms. I  have also been the CFO of several organizations ranging from start-up companies to divisions of multi-billion dollar organizations. You can check out my LinkedIn profile here. I am an entrepreneur and enjoy starting new ventures and helping others do the same. In my career, I have started everything from a bed and breakfast to a consulting company to a bank. All of these ventures are still around, and I like to think I had something to do with that. I feel that one of the keys to success in starting and running a small business is knowing what you don’t know.

When you are in a large corporation, there are many resources that provide services to make the company successful. All of these resources have their distinct roles and responsibilities. Sales, collections, shipping, etc. But as a small business, many times these functions are performed by just a few people or by the same person, the owner. When I was starting the B&B, I thought the majority of my time would be spent greeting guests, preparing breakfasts, checking guests in, recommending restaurants, etc. However, it became pretty clear pretty fast that there was another side of the business that I hadn’t really considered in my business plan – the back office. Hiring and keeping track of employees, payroll, accounting and financials, contracts and more. Just getting to these items was often difficult and I have to admit, never timely. I was always running behind, and therefore was never able to run any management reports to understand exactly how we were doing as a business. The financials were just too old when I got around to doing them to yield any proactive insights.

The O|Miga Difference

When we started O|Miga, we had the above experience in mind. Small business owners are pulled in so many directions that the things that have to get done – sales, meeting new customers, making new products – take precedence over the things that need to get done – accounting, HR records, management reports, document storage and retention. Even if you carve out the time late at night or on the weekends, the issue is that you still have to do it. Or maybe you have a bookkeeper or an office manager doing some of this work, even though they may not have the skills and expertise.

With O|Miga, these tasks are done for you. We set you up on our system and the majority of the work that you can’t seem to get around to is done everyday. Cash balances, management reports, AR and AP are always up to date, so that you know exactly where your business stands and can make your critical decisions with current information. The beautiful thing about this service is that it costs probably less, in some cases a lot less, than what your current services are costing you. Even if you do the majority of the work yourself, it still costs you valuable time that could be spent growing your business.

Sounds Right, But Not Right Now

As you are reading this you are probably thinking to yourself:
“Cash is tight, I can’t afford to hire a service like this.”
“I need to keep my hands on this stuff; no one can do these things for me.
“I have vendors that I want to control how to pay.”
“I already have an office manager; I don’t need these guys.”

Before our clients were clients, we heard similar comments from them. But we were able to overcome these and provide our clients with services that free up their time and cash flow without them feeling any less in control. And at a cost less than the office manager who doesn’t have the necessary expertise.

Check It Out

I encourage you to check out our site and contact us for a consultation. Our philosophy is to always be upfront and transparent. We’ll walk you through the service plans and recommend the one that is right for you based on your situation. We’ll give you a fee estimate if you can answer three easy questions: How many entities, how many employees and what is your annual revenue? And we’ll follow that up with a proposal sent to you that same day. What do you have to lose? Except maybe a lot of those things that have been keeping you up at night and preventing you from growing your business.

In the upcoming weeks, check back on this space to learn about topics that are affecting small and medium size business and how O|Miga is getting things DONE for their clients.

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