Tools and Insights for Small to Medium-Sized Business

So much information, so little time to review it. O|Miga puts the latest trends and tips for small to medium size business owners at your fingertips.

Financial Obligations: Making Your Quarterly Payments

Before getting excited about being part of a small but mighty team in the business world, it’s important to have a basic understanding your employment status with the Company.


Some workers are not employees but instead are contractorswhen working with a business. 

Proper Business Meeting Etiquette to Incorporate with Everyday Business

Everywhere you go in the world business etiquette for a meeting changes. Even in the United States companies have different policies and procedures around business etiquette during a meeting. With contrasting views on business etiquette in the United States,

Determining the Difference Between Capital and Expense Expenditures

Costs Capital Budget Investment Economic Concept

Before jumping ahead and finalizing those business plans you’ve been dreaming about, don’t forget to take a step back and remind yourself about the various parts that lead up to its final creation. We’ll focus on one of everyone’s favorite topics,

How Do You Portray Great Leadership During A Meeting?

Are you managing your time wisely during scheduled meetings? Taking the time to organize meetings is crucial for companies in order to remain successful. Staying current on ideas, keeping up with the latest news, and gathering shared ideas from other employees are a few of the many beneficial conversations that can occur while in a scheduled meeting.

Accounting Advice That Will Keep You Sane

We know how hectic things can be trying to balance work, a home life, and still trying to have fun and be social. Managing everything can become overwhelming so it’s important to follow a few simple steps in order to help avoid a mental breakdown.